David Douglas PA-C Photo by Biorestoration

David Douglas is a Certified Qualified Medical Professional and created the medical marijuana program at Biorestoration Medical.

Prior to the first visit, please complete as much as possible of the online application with the state of Utah.


Three step need to be completed in the instructional page below. The first step is to create a user account. The second step is to register with the state of Utah. The third step is to apply for a medical marijuana card.


The state of Utah website navigation is quite difficult. If the steps cannot be completed before the visit, bring a computer or smartphone and we can work through the process together.

Follow the below instructions

Medical Marijuana Account Creation For Patients

To begin an application for a medical marijuana card, first create an account user name and password. Follow the instructions which can be located at  https://idhelp.utah.gov/account-creation.html.

The guide will instruct you to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to id.utah.gov/login.
  2. Click “create an account.”
  3. Then add an email address on the next screen.
  4. Open your email account and open email and click “Verify Email.”
  5. Then it will direct you back the the Utah ID website. Add Name, user name, then password.
  6. Select “submit.” The UN and ID has now been created.

After the account ID and password have been created, you need to create a medical marijuana account. Go to evs.utah.gov login to register your medical marijuana account.

The guide will instruct you to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign into the account with the above username and password.
  2. Click patient registration on the next screen.
  3. On the next screen, add the requested information and click “register.”
  4. Then click “login” link.
  5. Then login again today EVS.
  6. A new homepage appears. This confirms the EVS account has been created.

You now have an EVS account. You now have to apply for the medical marijuana card itself.

  1. Sign back into the EVS.
  2. Click “Tracking box,“ found on top colored blue line,  then click “patient,” then click “new patient.”
  3. Skip “registration information” (official use only) page.
  4. In the new application page, click “applying for self.”
  5. Then fill in the fields on the next page.
  6. In the proof of identity section select “state ID type” and fill in the fields.
  7. Click “patient acknowledge” in the next section.
  8. Click “save and submit registration” on the next page.

This needs to be completed first, in order to allow the provider to access your information in the EVS and certify the application. Once certified, you can, pay for medical marijuana card. To do so, follow the below instructions.

  1. Confirm with provider your certification is complete, if needed.
  2. Sign back in to the EVS.
  3. Find the page that has a tab indicating “payment” on the upper right hand of the screen.
  4. Hover over “payment” and click new payment.
  5. Complete the payment information on the next page.
  6. On the next page verify information.
  7. Then confirm and payAt this point the state will review your application. It can take 1 to 3 weeks for them to approve the card.